Head of Gaming

Jonny heads up everything we do at Skelp, including our Twitch tournament coverage. He's passionate about Fortnite, Call of Duty and esports in general - and will be in charge of leading the Skelp push over the coming years.

The Big Narst

Head of Fortnite

The Big Narst will head up our Fortnite community, helping organise competitions, find talent and improve our Fortnite offering.


Player - Warzone

Jawsh has been a star performer in all tournaments he's entered and is without doubt one of the best Warzone players in Scotland.


Player/Creator - Fortnite

If you've paid any attention to our Fortnite output, you'll know the name Ruloph well. He's won a couple of TB Fortnite Cups and is a regular in the community. While not at the top level in Fortnite yet, we believe he's got a lot of potential!


Player/Creator - Fortnite

Adam will be well known to many in our community for his multiple Fortnite Cup wins. He's also had numerous great placements in competitive and will immediately compete on behalf of Skelp.


Coach - Call of Duty

As far as amateur experience, there aren't many Scots who have what BoabyCee has. He played for a number of top teams over a three-year competitive career before retiring. He's on board as our competitive Call of Duty coach, with a particular focus on competing in Black Ops: Cold War.


Player - Call of Duty

JayK is a big name among our Call of Duty community, showing his quality in both multiplayer and Warzone. He'll compete for us across both moving forward.

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