Why Skelp?

If there's one positive to come from the COVID-19 lockdown it's my appreciation for competitive gaming and everything that comes with it.

I've been knee deep in everything football since launching talkingbaws back in 2011.

It's been my only thought waking up each day, figuring out how we can best cover the mental world of Scottish football.

But the lockdown left us with no football for a long period and meant we had to focus our attention on other areas.

And that's where Skelp was born.

If you've paid any attention to what we've been doing from a gaming perspective through talkingbaws, you'll know we recognise the talent on offer in Scotland and the entertainment they can provide.

We're 15 weeks of competition down and have had some amazing nights, including multiple TB Cod Cups, countless Fortnite tournaments and even some crazy GTA V racing events.

Doing all of the above and more has allowed us to identify some real talent - and we want to help them realise their competitive dreams.

Scotland currently has no major esports organisation investing in this talent.

We want to give them opportunities to do what they love, all while reaching an audience passionate about casual and competitive gaming.

We want to help create the Scottish Ninja, Scump or Benjyfishy!

So that's what we're going to do.

Starting now, Skelp will fly the flag for Scottish esports. Skelp will build an esports roster filled with Scottish talent only. Skelp will put Scottish esports on the map!

And after that? The world is our oyster!