The problem

Scotland currently has no major esports

organisation investing in talent.

We will change that.

What we do

At Skelp, we create an infrastructure which allows our talent to excel competitively while also entertaining their audience across multiple platforms.

We want to inspire a generation of Scottish talent while also creating a breeding ground for both esports enthusiasts and casual gamers across a number of titles.

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How we do it


We will invest in identifying the best talent and giving them an infrastructure they can improve in.

This will include regular training, bootcamps, scrims against other top players and organisations, mental and physical support and career guidance.


Technology can be the difference between a good player and a great player. Therefore we will

look to make immediate improvements on the technology and equipment

our players are using.

We want to create an environment for players that allows them to focus solely on playing and improving.


Our team is nothing without fans - and continuing to build a community around Skelp will be one of our most important investments.

Our own LAN/online tournaments will give fans an opportunity to be involved in the Scottish gaming scene and feel more connected to those playing at a higher level